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XnView 2.44

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:38 pm
by xnview
Dear user,

XnView 2.44 for Windows is available. Versions are available on the normal XnView Download page.

Please note that the XnView Download page offers packages with German/French Setup and German/French Online help.

Direct links to the English Standard version are: (English Setup, Multi language) (ZIP file, Multi language)

XnView Shell Extension 32bits:

XnView Shell Extension 64bits:

XnView-win.exe: 2D4C2815E122EE1CD6FF6A521975399345827D139A51DE8FB044E6CDE64F3070 AC58DE3C09629C6D77C475190F2782B4B2EFF2F12E14B6540E549D7D0D039707
XnView-win-full.exe: F43A6C7CE6EB107CEFACA197DBEE0EADD82340D11900090DD777F6CFB5BA2A54 A23A224AAB6AED2C9FC90252643D767F5A38CE9CABEFB64AA95DC6E7E7D5444E
XnView-win-small.exe: 7DD74BE474366421E869C395779CDAC12D542DF434821B95D32D9E1D4A883550 293F8884D501FAD4561335896212D0705A505EF8FF9BDA7E8454C9DDC15E88A2

____ 2.44 Changelog

Monitor power off during slideshow
Color profile not used Browser>Print - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=36833
-filelist doesn't work anymore
Tile child window - viewtopic.php?f=56&t=36527
Strange colors on grey image - viewtopic.php?f=35&t=36485
UTF8 Exif Image Description

____ 2.43 Changelog

Better HEIF support -
Unwanted file types shown in Viewer - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=35484
Alpha glitch - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=36454
Folder browsing via command line - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=36434
Lossless crop corruption - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=36378

____ 2.42 Changelog

HEIF support - Extract in Plugins folder

____ 2.41 Changelog

Basic support for unicode filename
2Gb limitation on 64bits OS -
Displaying RGBA image without use alpha -
Print TIFF with orientation flag in browser -
GIF loop not saved in .sld -
Clip support -
Slideshow crash on RAW files -
TIF > 2GB & multipage -
RGBA printing
Thumbnails upscaling -
NConvert: -keepdocsize fixed
NConvert: -shadow -
NConvert: -align -

____ 2.40 Changelog

CMYK image default color profile -
RGBA resize (bilinear) -
Ctrl+RMB to copy color -
Capture rectangle on second monitor -
Print 50+ via command line -
Filelist to print -
LIBPNG 1.6.29
SQLite 3.18.0
ZLIB 1.2.11
LCMS 2.8
BMP 2+10+10+10 -
Category removed if delete file - ... 2&start=15
Category moved with Cut/Paste
8BF & undo -
'Purge Now' -
OpenEXR updated -
Resize gamma correction -
Change timestamp & DST -
Selection + Tab -
GIF loop -
PAM format -
JPEG 2000 -
Maximize on first monitor -
Resize default size -
PEF for thumbnail's folder -
Cancel removed from Setup wizard -
Previous/Next file & RecognizeByExt == false -
Next/Previous & video -
Better dialog for update -
WebP plugin updated
OpenJPEG2000 updated
RIOT addon updated
PNGOUT updated
X3F with only embedded JPEG
NConvert: text with -text_rotation -
NConvert: -text_border added

____ 2.39 Changelog

no IPTC fields in tooltip/info
Thumbnail for blend file

____ 2.38 Changelog

Sort by exif -
Zooming instead file navigation -

____ 2.37 Changelog

Better HiDPI support
Change timestamp and video
GPS direction -
Right click (make selection) and delete -
NConvert: Multipage extract -

____ 2.36 Changelog

FLIF format added
SVG support via rsvg-convert.exe -
Search similar & extension -
Multipage save doesn't use read settings
PCT crash -
NConvert: -t start step for number in output name

____ 2.35 Changelog

Backspace not working in fullscreen
LibPNG 1.6.20
ZIPPack Addon -

Main (English) XnView page still has 2.43 checksums rather than 2.44 ones

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:15 am
by Dan Harkless
Thank you very much! BTW, you've forgotten to update with these new checksums; as of now, the 2.43 ones are still displayed there:
SHA-256 checksums:
XnView-win.exe: A17ABD62CECFDF141623A904A4939B165D74AFB6A7E857F7D726BE3328138549 CA047C7EA8568E58374A1169B6A7E4F411DD96EB3F9FD8417DFC2088E4B759DA
XnView-win-full.exe: 059F980A34906427BF7F73A4E6805BAE37625B0F1BEB0D3ADC21250A7CB635E9 E4C486BF3924E3C78836A48A9513C0925F4DBDC75688D6B688BC56D47420A1FF
XnView-win-small.exe: B58534AAD89EDECC29224F1E048A173F52BBA0CF02E4E3A8F4258E74C7A3A2C5 90368321F70863F435BE13AB41719A76BC3C01E4BEDF80E586AA2468640EB45F

Re: Main (English) XnView page still has 2.43 checksums rather than 2.44 ones

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:19 pm
by xnview
Dan Harkless wrote:Thank you very much! BTW, you've forgotten to update with these new checksums; as of now, the 2.43 ones are still displayed there:
ok, thanks, it's fixed