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0.48 win-x86: Small bug with a setting when launching a file

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:08 pm
by budz45


Overview of this feature:
In XnView MP 0.48, there has been rebirth of a legacy feature which now goes under a new name of "Single view for multi-opened files". This feature enables a user to select multiple image files (either from xnview's Browser/any file manager/system drag & drop too) and then launch these same multiple image files all in one go within a single view tab with just that own file-list of selected files. No other existing image files in a same directory folder would be detected if not selected.

So for example, if a user has a folder directory of about '100' image files and a user only specifically highlights '20' of those image files to open in XnView MP 0.48; Then only those '20' files would be opened (file-list as 1/20) and not the other remaining non-selected files in the same folder directory (so not 1/100 but would be 1/20). In this same example, these '20' image files would also be loaded in just a single view tab and certainly not 20 individual view tabs as would be true if this feature was not enabled.

To enable this feature, a user must enable the setting "Single view for multi-opened files" found in the Settings>Interface of XnView 0.48 and later.

This feature still goes under a different somewhat lengthier name in XnView 1.9x releases by being named as "Open only one view for multiple files (startup & drag-drop)" and this found in the Options>view of XnView 1.98 and before.


to reproduce this small bug;

1.) Run a 'clean' XnView MP 0.48
2.) Go to 'Settings' and enable "Single view for multi-opened files" and press OK
3.) Make a new folder in Win Explorer and put 10 random test Image files (pictures jpg/png etc) in this new folder
4.) Drag & drop just One image file only directly to the xnview.exe (found in the XnViewMP 0.48 program folder) to launch the file
5.) The Image file opens as normal in view...BUT...
6.) ...The next/prev is disabled meaning the file opened with file-list '1/1', instead of the correct '1/10'

the 10 images in this bug reproduction was used as an example. So the setting "Single view for multi-opened files" only needs to work with multiple opened image files at the same time (i.e. more than One image file). This bug does not occur if I drag & drop just One image file to the viewer interface.

Please fix, thank you.

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Re: 0.48 win-x86: Small bug with a setting when launching a

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:52 pm
by budz45
Thank you. Fixed in XnViewMP 0.50 :)