[Fixed] v0.75b Beta crashing Possabile bug

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[Fixed] v0.75b Beta crashing Possabile bug

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Hope this is the right place for this. If not please move

I'm getting consistent crashes in the new v0.75b beta. I reinstalled 1 time and it stoped crashing for a while and now is crashing again.

Using browser mode and maximize window. Set view to "Hide Title bar". Now exit and try using the right click context menu to browse folder with Xnview MP from windows explorer. I get a constant crash box From Xnview MP to send an email report. I've sent a few.

I set the "Show title bar" back and the crash is gone. Can anyone confirm this.

Xnview MP v0.75b beta Portabile version
Windows 7x64 Professonal
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Re: v0.75b Beta crashing Possabile bug

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See Issue 690 for current status and details.