XnConvert does not delete originals when asked to

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XnConvert does not delete originals when asked to

Post by bdragon »

I'm using Windows 10. This could be an issue of just the Windows operating system, due to how file names are handled.

I set the option to delete into the recycle bin the pictures i modified with xnconvert. The rationale being that if i do not like the newly batch converted image i can do a very rough "roll back" simply by restoring the original.

This works only if the original does not have the same name and extension of the original image. Capitals get ignored.

That is: if i modify the name only by changing the "capitalizing" in the file name and the image does not get converted to a different format in the various options i set, then XnConvert does not delete the original image, overwriting the old with the new.

Also, a minor problem probably related to the first: if all i change in the file name is "how and where i put the capital letters" and the previous name is unchanged, then if also the new extension is the same as the original, the file names do not get "capitalized" in any way, retaining the fully original name without any changes. This is normal windows behaviour when overwriting a file with different "capitalization" without renaming.

(i'm putting "capitalization" in quotes, because english is not my main language and i don't even know if that is a word. I hope i made myself understood anyway)