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Batch create Animated GIF's - custom script?

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:47 am
by colink
I cannot see any documentation regarding batch creation of GIF's

Can XnConvert do this?

Is it possible to use XnConvert with some external script?
Could someone give me a link to any custom script (that does anything) that works with XnConvert on windows or linux, that I could use to help me understand what can be done?

I will describe my ideal scenario. Please let me know if I might be able to do this with XnConvert or with any other software - I realise my ideal feature set will probably require a custom script.

I have multiple jpg images, in multiple folders. I would like to use an excel file or csv file where each record lists the images to be used to create 1 Animated Gif
The Excel or CSV file may not have a specific pattern for the files in each record
The file may have hundreds of records. I would like XnConvert (or some other application) to continue creating Animated GIF's until all records are processed - see attachemnt

Re: Batch create Animated GIF's - custom script?

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:42 am
by xnview
no sorry you can't create GIF