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As will be equalent on quality resampling up FastStone Photo Resizer with Lanczos 2 (Sharper) ?

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:28 pm
by Xn User
Hi )
I'm use two programs for work with photo )
XnConvert and FastStone Photo Resizer.
In FastStone Photo Resizer I do upsampling from small photo to mode with 1288 rows. However FastStone Photo Resizer can not work correcty and do resize all images as bigger also smaller, in result all images in 1288 rows. I need resample only from smaller to bigger.
As me can set resampling Lanczos filter and sharper filter in XnConvert what would have same result of quality as I have in FastStone Photo Resizer Lanczos2 Sharper?