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Keep original image if file size is smaller

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:08 pm
by bloodyscreensoreal
Let me start of by saying that this is truly the best Image Conversion I know! I have searched for a long time but almost everything here is useful!

But I have one thing that would make it even more useful. That is: retract conversion, if the new converted file size is bigger. What i mean by that is that XnConvert basically converts the image and then checks both image sizes and then chooses to keep the original image if the new file has a bigger file size than the old image.

(I enabled the option to "Delete Original" and Output->Source folder under the Output tab so the old files automagically get replaced by the new converted one's. By adding this option to 'Keeps the Original Image, if new Image has a larger size'., it would make the process even more smooth!)