Status Window reports 1 ERROR - Where is it ???

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Status Window reports 1 ERROR - Where is it ???

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Hi All - have been very productive with XnConvert and getting to feel confident using it until this has come up.
I converted 26489 files (tif to jpg) in many folders/sub folders and in this run have been informed there is 1 Error.
Problem: there is no indication (anywhere that I can find) the location of this Error, so I can examine/fix it.
I appreciate this being a non-commercial program it is very limited in its operation basically only doing its primary functions and no embellishments.
But I would have expected a saveable output log on its completion of whatever task it had been put to, being a very basic requirement for any batch processing application.
So... is the only thing left for me to do is to compare all the 26489 files (tiff and resulting jpgs) in an attempt to find the rogue 'Error' file.
Hope this strikes a note with someone and maybe even produce an update to the very fine program in its next release.
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Re: Status Window reports 1 ERROR - Where is it ???

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you have not the information in Status tab?