Linking to specific article instead the whole topic.

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Linking to specific article instead the whole topic.

Post by marsh »

Linking to a specific article (and not whole topic) is possible using following example:

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The article number is discovered by quoting an article and looking for the "p=number" in the address bar of web browser.
I cannot remember it, so I hope template is useful here.
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Post by helmut »

This is a good and helpful info for forum users, marsh.

A minor addition:

You can either link to a post or to a topic - the result will be pretty much the same. The one and only difference is that with a link to a post the appropriate post will be shown immediately.

A link to a topic looks like this for example:

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[url=]Toolbar skins[/url]
Please note in the above BBCode that it says "t=" (topic) instead of "p=" (post).

Edit: I've just read the subject of this topic and realized that I am offtopic. Maybe my additions are useful, nevertheless...
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Post by foxyshadis »

You can also use the little white icon next to the posting date: Image