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Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:11 pm
by dandv
Looks like the two URLs point to the same content, but it would be less confusing and an SEO advantage to redirect one to the other.

I.e. going to should to redirect the user to

I work at Google and I'm suggesting this because it would improve search rankings as well.

Re: Redirect to

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:45 pm
by XnTriq
Thank you for the heads-up, Dan!
XnTriq ([url=]Forum search function bug?[/url]) wrote:As it turns out, Google is indexing pages from & separately, and the sitesearch parameter doesn't accept multiple domains as input :|

As a workaround, I added...
  • <Param name="domains" value=";"/>
... which puts radio buttons for the newsgroup and the forum sub-domain in Google's search form.

Re: Redirect to

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:00 am
by XnTriq
Pierre has reactivated URL forwarding (-:

Re: Redirect to

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:52 pm
by Drahken
Odd, since I'm currently ON newsgroup.xnview. (Hell, this thread is the first I've become aware that forum.xnview even exists.)

Re: Redirect to

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:15 am
by XnTriq
Drahken wrote:Odd, since I'm currently ON newsgroup.xnview.
Hi, Drahken. is redirected to (not the other way around).
XnTriq wrote:Up until the phpBB update of 2009, … was redirected to via frame forwarding:

Code: Select all

<meta name="generator" content="ORT - Ovh Redirect Technology">
<meta name="url" content="">
<meta name="robots" content="all">
<frameset rows="100%,0" frameborder="no" border="0">
<frame name="ORT" src="">
<frame name="NONE" src="" scrolling="no" noresize>
<body><a href="">Click here</a><hr></body>
OVH: How to create a free web redirection?