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Idea: XnView Camera app (+embedded comments)

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:13 pm
by budz45

I would like to suggest to our XnView developer, Pierre, that there should be separate XnView Camera app for Android and possibly for iOS too.

There are lots of API's on both Android and iOS platform to allow this.

Basically I would like to take photos with an XnView Camera application and be able to "Set Comment" for embedded comments in the photo BUT ALSO I would like the ability to "Set Comment" for embedded comments in any of my ordinary photos/pictures that I may have in my Android device which is a feature that could also be integrated into an XnView gallery/viewer application for Android.

I don't think QuickPic offers the embedded comments fucntionality, so XnView doing it should be a first for Android.

Please support :)