Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

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Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

Post by GNZ »

First of thanks to the dev's for a real nice piece of software.

I'm trying to work out how to have a rule of thirds grid within the Crop Box.
ie, I want it to re-size with the crop box as I change the dimensions..

I have found the grid that overlays the whole image and the Grid Settings that I can add to the tool bar to change this to 3 x 3, but it remains static on the image not contained within the crop box.

Is this possible at present or is it something that is planned.

Many Thanks
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Re: Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

Post by xnview »

you would like a grid in the selection for cropping?
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Re: Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

Post by GNZ »

Hi Pierre,
Yes, a grid that sits inside the cropping area that dynamically re-sizes as you change the size of the cropped area.
This would allow you to see a "floating" rule of thirds (or what ever you wanted ) to be seen while working out how best to crop the image.
Cheers :D
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Re: Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

Post by m.Th. »

For Pierre:

1. Open FastStone Viewer.
2. Double click on a photo.
3. Press 'X' to show the Crop Board.
4. Press the # button to enable the Rule of Thirds overlay (it is in the blue button in the screenshot bellow)
5. Modify the Crop area to see the effect.

About Rule of Thirds: it is one of the basic Composition rules in Photography:

Any graphic manager has it in the cropping engine as a basic feature. Of course some programs have more compositional rules - eg. Photoshop CC which has 6 (six!) overlays: Rule of thirds (the only one in the previous versions), grid, golden ratio, golden spiral, diagonal and triangle.

I give you such details just to stress how important this feature is.
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m. Th.

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Re: Crop Board, Rule of Thirds

Post by JohnFredC »


Also, consider a way for the user to assign a previously-defined grid to the crop rectangle.


Implementing the existing grid design/maintenance tool into the crop rectangle tool would be the best approach. In such a case, a rule of thirds (or 5ths or 7ths) crop grid becomes something trivial for the user to create.

...and if this XnView functionality were also to include an "image slicer"... wow!