Open a picture is always different

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Open a picture is always different

Post by goood »


I have some dificulties to open pictures (I prefer in full screen) from explorer (win 7 x64) when XnView is already opened.
When I open a picture, the picture is opened in full screen, the next (or the same opened one more time) will be opened in small window. The next in full screen ... etc

In "Setting/General/General/Startup", "Fullscreen when starting with a file" is cheked
I use "one instance of program only"
How to open picture in full sreen all time ?

Today I use XnViewMP 0.75 x64
XnViewMP 0.72 x64 did the same


(I really like many options in XnView ! :P Thank you for this great free sotfware !!! )
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Re: Open a picture is always different

Post by Litr »

For me its just 0.75 but not a 0.72 - a windowed mode (with borders) instead of maximized (no borders).
No matter what, when you restart the program it returns to windowed mode state.
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