Time taken for the first Search

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Time taken for the first Search

Postby Geoff » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:38 pm

After closing down my computer and opening XnViewMP I find the first search ( binocular icon ) takes 2min 55sec on my fast home computer. After that the searches are really rapid at about 2secs. If I keep the computer on but close XnViewMP and then open it again the search still takes 2 seconds as before.

In the library where I volunteer the computers are always turned off when nobody is present. If someone comes into the library and wants images of a particular plane then you start up XnViewMP, enter the search term and wait about 5 minutes for the first search ( the library machine is slower than my home machine ). A 5 minute wait is too long and people either disappear or have to come back later.

I have read the various posts on this subject and have the following settings :-

deselect the "Maximum size for cached thumbnails"
deselect “Create thumbnails for whole folder”
select “enable thumbnail caching”
Compression “ Lossless(Zip)”
Memory usage for database engine increased to 500MiB
Base path of your pictures is “G:\DIGITAL PHOTOS”
This folder contains 19,286 Files and 569 Sub-Folders for a total of 30GB
Thumb.db was 2,852,080KB XnView.db was 19,992KB

I find that the time for the 1st search is the same whether searching for something with 500 images or for one with only 4. This suggests that during the 1st search the action is the same and I guess it is loading something into RAM which gets removed each time the computer is turned off.

Re: XnView MP crashing PC with low virtual memory warning
Postby xnview » Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:49 am
Optic wrote:
Shouldn't XnView MP only be using 1.58 GiB maximum for this folder, when it loads the pre-generated thumbnails into memory?

No, the catalog use compress image, thumbnails are decompressed in ram

This suggested to me that using no compression could speed the loading into RAM.
I set the Compression to “none” and deleted the 2 .db files. When reloading by pressing “Show files in Subfolder” it took only 3min 25sec to load compared to 8min 41sec if compression were “Lossless(Zip)”. The Thumb.db file was only 3,136KB and increased in size each time a search was made. Most importantly after turning off the machine the 1st search still took the usual 2min 55sec to load so there was no advantage.

Is there any way to avoid or lessen this wait on the 1st search other than turning on the machine and conducting a search as soon as you arrive and before searches are asked for?

Many thanks,


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Re: Time taken for the first Search

Postby xnview » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:17 pm

i think that it's the windows cache

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Re: Time taken for the first Search

Postby Geoff » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:46 pm

Post by xnview » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:17 am
i think that it's the windows cache

Thank you Pierre,
I have 16GB of RAM and a 3.4GHz processor on a solid state drive. I tried increasing the paging file size and still found the same load time for the first search so I set it back to the way it was.

Apart from leaving the computer on all the time then I assume there is no way to avoid or speed up the first search after a shutdown. It was only after Cameron posted a reply to my previous post that I found the search very fast on the 2nd and subsequent searches. Before that I had assumed that as the first search was so slow then they all were and so used the ‘Quick Search’ instead.

I am very content with the way your programme behaves and will have to adjust the way the library does things to avoid losing the data in the Windows cache.


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