join and modify XML files from categories

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join and modify XML files from categories

Post by rigoso » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:25 pm

I have been working with categories in 2 separated xnviewMP 0.84 in 2 diferents PC with a 7000 files folder (the same folder in each PC). I have imported a txt file with a list of 20 diferents categories.

In PC 1 i have worked from the file 1 to 3500. In PC 2 from 3501 to 7000. I have exported both XML files (with "Export DB category to XMP subject and IPTC keyword" marked), I have joined it with Notepad.exe.

I have prepared a PEN with a portable version of the program and the 7000 files.

I have imported the big XML file with "import categories file" and dont work.

I fix the letter of the USB (with P:/) in windows and dont work.

I edit the location of the files in the XML. I change the path with notepad and "replace" "c:\documents..../" with "P:/folderPhoto" (USB folder) and dont work.

AFTER SEVERAL TESTS AND MAKE ALL THE THINGS BEFORE, THE PROBLEM WAS THE SLASH ("/"). In the XML, all the path must be indicate using this slash ("/") instead of this ("\"). This one ("\") dont work when you import !!!!!!

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Re: join and modify XML files from categories

Post by xnview » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:16 am

right '/' is used instead of '\'

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