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XnViewMP on rotated desktop

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:07 am
by tboy
When I double click on thumbnail in opens View mode - this is default behavior.
Sometimes i rotate my desktop to look at my pictures in vertical position of the laptop.
But when I double click (when desktop is rotated) it opens the default editor for file type. (For example psd file wil open Photoshop, not viewmode in XnViewMP as it have to be). I made check by rotating the desktop with 2 different applications - internal HPcontrolPanel and an external program -'iRotate", result is same.
In XnView Classic everything is OK and double click always opens Viewer as expected.

Any one to have an idea why this happens and how to correct ?
Looks like it is XnViewMP specific. Is this a bug or not?

(I use XnView and XnViewMP latest zipped versions without installation on W10-64)