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XMP and RAW Files

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:02 pm
by salinaale
Hi to all and sorry if this may be a stupid question.

I'm trying xnview mp on Windows and i think it's a great software.

I have some doubts/Questions:
- is it possible to add some keywords to a raw files? in my case an olympus .orf file? i usually tag a raw file with some tag so when i will have time to develop it will be easier to find it.
- I tried to add keys and what I would have expected is to create a .xmp file ... but i can't find any xmp file is created... only a nameOfTheOriginalImage.org_original file is created. Is it normal?
- is there a way to add keywords only creating a sidecar files .xmp? maybe i'm wrong but i think that i should be better don't modify the raw file... i'm wrong? is there any other way to get what I want?

I don't understand when and why it's better to create a sidecar file when adding metadata.... in my usecase i only want to add keywords, title, description and little more....

Thanks in advance

ps.: attached you can find an image of my metadata configuration....

Re: XMP and RAW Files

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:32 pm
by michel038
I think the best way for jpg's images is to embed metadata, the standardization is correct for IPTC and XMP keywords, title, description.

For raw files, we can only use XMP metadata, most raw files does not support embedded metadata.and there is no standardization
Some softwares read and write a lot of things in metadata, so compatibilty errors can occur when reading or writing, and the image can be damaged: I think it's better to use xmp sidecar files. If it's damaged, you need only to create a new one.

XnViewMP can write keywords (and star rating and color labels) in sidecar files but currently no other metadata.

In settings, you must use only :
- Export DB Category to XMP Subject and IPTC Keyword ( not xmp, not iptc)
- Update or create xmp sidecar
is there a way to add keywords only creating a sidecar files .xmp?
select a picture, assign a category, unselect the picture, and the xmp sidecar file appears.
In info pane for this picture, you can see now XMP metadata (xmp:dc subject and xmp:lr hierarchical subject).
If you delete the sidecar file, xmp info will disappear (but it's category is still in database)...

Re: XMP and RAW Files

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:58 pm
by salinaale
Thank you! this is what i was looking for!