EXIF, IPTC-IIM, XMP, companion... I'M GOING CRAZY! (long)

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EXIF, IPTC-IIM, XMP, companion... I'M GOING CRAZY! (long)

Post by cicciobello » Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:38 pm

Short summary: How to transfer IPTC data to XMP companion files.

Long story:

I've 2+ TB historic scan dataset. For every file, 3 versions:
- DNG (original scan)
- TIF (48 bpp AdobeRGB)
- JPG (reduced 24 bpp for quick view)

After scan, for every file:
- Press ^I (Edit IPTC-IIM/XMP)
- Insert [Caption] Text (max 200-300 chrs)
- Insert others data: [Caption writer, etc etc etc]
- Press [Write] (Options Mode: IPTC-IIM only)
- Done! All working fine

Sometimes I use Categories, but is less important.
Now, I can filter my files using Quick search. All is OK.

---> Now, I would like to transfer all inserted data (a lot of data!) to XMP companion files.

- Settings -> Browser -> Metadata -> IPTC & XMP
- [x] Check "Export DB Category to XMP (...)"
- [x] Check "Update or create XMP Sidecar"
- [x] Check "Write hierarchical (...)"
- [x] Check "Export rating /color label (...)"
- [x] Check "Write comment in XMP (...)"
- View -> Update files/catalog from catalog/files
Companion XMP files were created and contains rating and colors, but *not* contain description.
I had test this for hours and hours many times, but I'm going crazzzzy!
I can update Caption (^I) with [XMP only]: EXIFTool can view modified Caption, but in others tab I keep seeing OLD Caption, and more and more: between old and new data, updated and non-updated strings, update files/catalog from catalog/files, EXIFTool views, XMP views, IPTC views, WOOOW!

Well, I can continue as I have done until today (IPTC-IIM only), but I would like to detach data from files to XMP, and for future scan I would like to use only XMP companion files without touch or modify original scan.

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Re: EXIF, IPTC-IIM, XMP, companion... I'M GOING CRAZY! (long)

Post by xnview » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:11 pm

so if i understand, you want to export the IPTC/XMP embedded metadata to XMP companion?
could you send me a sample file?

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Re: EXIF, IPTC-IIM, XMP, companion... I'M GOING CRAZY! (long)

Post by michel038 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:54 pm

1) "Edit IPTC/XMP" window
When you open "Edit IPTC/XMP", depending on settings in the least tab (options), XnviewMp reads only iptc OR only xmp metadata.
So, if yo want to read iptc and create xmp, in this window you must select "Iptc, create or update xmp" mode.
It's sometimes better to close this window to ensure new settings are stored, before using them.
I know that this window can create JPG embedded xmp metadata this way, but i don't know if it's ok on DNG and TIFF pictures.
It is not possible to create xmp companion files with this window.

2) Rating, Color label
Xnviewmp can write label colors and rating in embedded xmp or xmp companion, using settings chosen in "Settings, Metadata" window.

3) Keywords
When you use categories, keywords, can also be written in iptc , xmp embedded and in xmp companion flies (Settings, Metadata ...)
Currently Xnviewmp does'nt write any other metadata in companion files

4) I found a workaround to create xmp companion files with all metadata :
Select JPG photos
4-a) Enter Caption, Title, City, Country...) in Edit iptc/xmp, (mode iptc + xmp)
4-b) Enter keywords (in "edit iptc/xmp" window or using categories with "create xmp data" setting, but not xmp sidecar).
4-c) Use Exiftool to copy embedded xmp data to xmp sidecar **
4-d) Copy sidecar files to the folder where DNG, TIFF, RAW files are stored

** We can use Exiftool with "Tools, Open with, Configure programs"
and this parameter : -k -o %d%f.xmp -xmp:all

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