font size of thumbnail labels

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Dick Bos
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font size of thumbnail labels

Post by Dick Bos »

Installation of XnViewMP 0.96.4 in Linux Mint 19.1 works fine, apart from the font-size of the thumbnail labels. These are much larger than fonts of the menu bars and the fonts in the tree panel. The font size of the thumbnail labels is much too large, practical unusable.
Is there a way to fix this nasty problem?
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Re: font size of thumbnail labels

Post by xnview »

settings>Thumbnails - appearance
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Re: font size of thumbnail labels

Post by pubota »

xnview wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:08 pm settings>Thumbnails - appearance
Hi, it seems this cannot change the font size at Thumbnails + Details view. The details text is still kept very small. Is this by design ? Thanks !!
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Re: font size of thumbnail labels

Post by rnmerchant »

I have the similar but opposite problem - the details under the thumbnails in the browser view are all too large (albeit not a huge problem). I've used the "-noDpiScaling" option in the shortcut, and gone to 'settings-thumbnails-labels' but I find no way of adjusting fonts/font size.

Under 'options-view-info' there is a setting for fonts which allows font size but I've not yet found what that does - it doesn't seem to do anything to the interface.

Other options mentioned on the Forums don't seem to address the issue.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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Re: font size of thumbnail labels

Post by cday »

I also found the font size unusually large in 0.98 [Linux] and there is a setting to change it:

Tools > Setting > Browser > Thumbnail -- Appearance tab,

Then click on the font currently selected to bring up font settings including the font size... :D

Quite well hidden... :wink:
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