Linux/XFCE4: XnView GUI broken and unusable

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Linux/XFCE4: XnView GUI broken and unusable

Post by zapyon »

Hi everyone,

after a long time I have again installed XnView on my computer as I just needed a tool to batch process some recent photos for emailing.
Well, sadly, I cannot use it because the GUI is totally broken running in XFCE4.

I attach 2 screenshots, one from the "first run" dialogue, and one from XnViews main window as it appears at first start.
If you try to use the menus, it doesn't really work well, as you cannot see all entries, and the dialogues that open are equally broken.

On this computer I am running Xubuntu 21.10 (and thus, obviously, XFCE4 as desktop).
The screen resolution is full HD (1920x1080)

VNC, a widely-used QT program, runs fine with the GUI looking as it should (using the Ubuntu package from the repo), with the GUI elements the appropriate size, as well as the text the same size as in other (GTK) programs. It does of course look different than the GTK programs as it seems to be using some default QT theme (according to the packages installed I assume it may be breeze).

Does anybody know how I can fix that so that XnView becomes useable?



PS: I forgot to mention that it doesn't matter if I install the provided Debian x64 package ( ) or the AppImage ( ... 4.AppImage ). Both look and react the same.

XnView MP - Erster Prorgrammstart - Einstellungen_001.png
-home-andreas- - XnView MP_003.png
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Re: XnView GUI broken and unusable on Linux/XFCE4

Post by xnview »

Really strange, no special configuration for the screen?
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Re: Linux/XFCE4: XnView GUI broken and unusable

Post by zapyon »

No, not as far as I know.

Yesterday I found that "falkon" a webbrowser using QT looks the same.