Why "Sort by Date Modified" (like in Win folder) does not work?

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Why "Sort by Date Modified" (like in Win folder) does not work?

Post by Apidae9124 »

How come there is no way to sort/view pictures in the "Sort by Date Modified" order?! (as in windows folder it is laid out).

Am I the only one facing this problem? I can't seem to find a thread about this.
It's super annoying..

Let me know if there's a way to view my files in a sequence just the way they are in windows folders.
I can't believe it's not a priority in this program. How could people work with thousands of images without sorting their files 'by date created' or 'modified' is just beyond my understanding.. You can't expect us to use Xnview browser (to be honest, I don't see the need of it, when main operations can be done while just viewing the image itself).

Am I missing here something?
Xnview (browser) > EXIF Date Modified = does not work at all. It's like Xnview has it's own hierarchy sorting mode separate from windows. Makes little to no sense at all for me.

I'm new here, but already donated for the program. And it would be a real bummer to move from this program. I really love it, it''s snappy, it's capable of lots of things but.. it's useless for me as an artist coping with gazillion of images if it's not 100% efficient - does not sort files in the right manner. lol.
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Re: Where's "Sort by Date Modified" (like in Win folder)?

Post by michel038 »

Maybe this will give you an answer :

View > Sort By > Show headers
Now, in headers, you can right-click to enable or disable some items.
Enable the 6th , date modified. (File date modified is different from exif date modified)
Then a click in a header sorts it's data, ascending or descending.

If you want to change the order in which the columns are displayed, you must choose View > View as >details
With drag n drop, columns can be moved
Then come back to View > View as > Thumbnails + labels

If date modified is important for you, be careful and look for settings that can change -or not- this date
Settings > General > File operations ...
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Re: Why "Sort by Date Modified" (like in Win folder) does not work?

Post by Apidae9124 »

Thank you for your response.

I see - found everything as pointed out. Works great. BUT only in the XnView browser. That's why I thought it's broken or I missed some settings.
I want to view my files in the same order as they are in Windows. And if I change the order in windows - I'd like to see the same sequence while viewing images on Xnview. It's a simple common sense, isn't it? because I search/browse and open the files in windows browser and hope for the same hierarchy I see in windows.
Is that something that could be acomplished..? Because I've invested a lot of time in search of fixing this.. aaand ended on this forum. I thought it's totally worth my time since there's just no way I'm going back to win. Photos App

:idea: If there's no solution, I'd defo urge to make an exception and add a "view as in widnows browser" column in the header for the coming updates. It would mean a world for many of us users, and celar the confusion of why the XnView preview sequences are not as we see in the windows folders. It should also be a default when we install this app :!:

Also, weirdly enough, it does work as intended in some folders, but mostly it does not. My guessing is - smth to do with tags/image info inside each file and not just the sorting type by win