Decimal Degrees

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Decimal Degrees

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To XNView MP developers:

Almost all programs and certainly no human being can understand or type DMS. Up your game. Please translate all DMS lat/lon GPS coordinates to decimal degrees. You can print the "degree" symbol but no one in the world can type it. More than that, almost no internet programs can interpret it. Picasa did no better. Every one (qgis, esri, google earth, bing, ...) understands decimal degrees. Do you? Display EXIF data "as is" AND with a comment showing lat,lon in Decimal degrees. You know that is the right thing to do.

From a person that thinks XNView MP is actually a better (and maybe more responsive) product than Picasa.

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Re: Decimal Degrees

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in the EXIF panel, right?
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Re: Decimal Degrees

Post by BuckSkin »

egbegb wrote: Wed Feb 15, 2023 9:11 amYou can print the "degree" symbol but no one in the world can type it.
Is this the degree symbol you are meaning ? Like this 0° 32° 100° ?

As for DegreesMinutesSeconds coordinates, I much prefer to work with them and have no problem typing them or understanding them; I would hate to see them give way to their decimal equivalents.