Easy Companion File_Better than Sidecar

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Easy Companion File_Better than Sidecar

Post by BuckSkin »

Browsing through the threads and posts, I see that some wish to avoid writing data directly into RAW files (or even jpegs); this brings on a whole host of problems and questions about creating sidecar files.

I believe a much better solution is to either set the camera to capture RAW and jpeg, or create a quickie jpeg from those RAWs that are lacking a companion jpeg.

In any renaming of the files, make certain the companion jpegs always get exactly the same name as the RAWs.

Downsize these jegs to a small pixel dimension.

Now, load these jpegs with all the information you wish; Exif, IPTC, XMP, Keyword Tags, Ratings, Labels, GPS, embedded comments, etc.

Just like any sidecar files, keep these companion jpegs always with the RAW files.

You can even go a step farther and extend the canvas considerably, such that the jpeg image resides in a corner of the canvas.

Now, you can type all the information you desire on this canvas while the identifying picture is always there in the corner for reference.

So long as the jpegs always reside with the RAWs, if a search turns up the jpeg, you know exactly where the RAW is located.

With the information not only embedded within the jpeg, but written/typed on the image as well, to lose the information, you would have to lose the whole file; plus, the written/typed information cannot get corrupted or deleted.

I hope this idea will be of benefit to someone; let me know what you think.