Mouse Wheel + CTRL [Scroll up/down] not working properly

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Mouse Wheel + CTRL [Scroll up/down] not working properly

Post by Kei »

Here you can see two settings:
Settings > Interface > Mouse >

1. Mouse Wheel [Scroll up/down]
2. Mouse Wheel + CTRL [Scroll up/down]

Obviously, these two options should work in the same way, with the only difference being that scrolling while holding down CTRL is more convenient for someone. Scaling and switching files work the same way both with and without CTRL.

However, scrolling while holding down CTRL does not work correctly, and is much less convenient and functional than in normal mode.

The first option allows you to smoothly scroll the image for a short distance, holding Alt scrolls horizontally, and Shift scrolls the entire visible fragment (shown more clearly in the screenshot).

But if you use the CTRL option, then the image is scrolled as in the first option with Shift held down, and horizontal scrolling is completely impossible.

As far as I understand, this should not be the case. Without smooth scrolling and scrolling horizontally, this option is simply inconvenient. And if scrolling horizontally, although it would be convenient and useful, but its function can be replaced by scaling, then scrolling to the full screen is simply disorienting.

I would like to use scrolling, but I can’t rearrange it to a version where I don’t need to hold down Ctrl, because then it will be inconvenient for me to scale. I hope you fix this feature.

Almost forgot to attach a screenshot. As you can see, if in the first case everything conveniently scrolls for a short distance, then in the second case it jumps to the fourth line at a time.
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Re: Mouse Wheel + CTRL [Scroll up/down] not working properly

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce the problem.