Exclude some file-types totally…

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Exclude some file-types totally…

Post by Clo »

:arrow: Pierre

:) Hello Pierre!

- That topic is related to this issue.
• Like you can see in the aforesaid thread, the options to disable *.pdf are not quite satisfactory currently.
- So, I thought that you could add an INI variable entry, allowing to disable totally any file-type in the style :
————————— DisplayedFileTypes = *.*|*.pdf *.xyz
where the extensions set at the right side of the "pipe" (vertical bar) | are totally excluded in all modes.
- This is must shorter than a line giving the allowed extensions ;)
- That works like this in Total Commander for all features where files-types can / must / be stated with exclusions…
- In the practice, either an option could write the excluded types, or the user just edits the file <xnview.ini> and adds the excluded type(s) by hand, while XnView is closed…
:| Saving the settings in the Windows Register needs an Option, I suppose… Personally, I much prefer an old good INI file, more flexible, and not so heavy to load with the machines we run nowadays (my INI file is 8.9 KB, a drop of water in the sea…)

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
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Post by ckit »

I support this proposal.
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Post by Guest »

This is my main problem with the app. I don't want it to view anything but images when I'm scrolling through a directory with the mouse wheel, for example.

Post by Guest »

I like this idea too...
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Post by helmut »

I also think that in the area of exluding files more flexibility is needed. Perhaps rather than having an inclusion list an exclusion list should be specifiable.

The single line approach ("*.pdf|*.avi") with file types is compact and still clear, a drop down list with predefined patterns and/or a history of the last recent used patterns might be good and helpful.