Webalbum Making

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Webalbum Making

Post by Foltyn » Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:14 pm

in XnView 2.39 there was possible to make Webalbums, the procedure and result was better than those of todays other manufacturers for money. But in this version 2.39 there were restrictions, the program stopped work by some kind of videos and some kind PDF-s and I always had to start the program new by seeking the former picture path, a dozen times a day. Good, it is a program for free. Programs of other manufacturers have other restrictions and it is always best, if the program can be used as file-viewer at the same time as picture processor, to get pictures from an album out and seeked them together and process them for another (webalbum) combination, otherwise the user must move always hundrets of pictures and fractions of them from one program to several others.

On the other hand I am not familiar with uploading webalbums to the public webspace, because Facebook has locked me out and I do not want to upload anything into a public webspace and why should I learn always everything new ? I have my own websites since ever in my own webspace and need a HTML-album generator, as it was used decades ago, to implement the exported webalbum into the code of my own websites, all others is useless. And why should I upload my albums into a public to convert it into HTML, if I entertain myself a rented webspace with 10 Gigabytes, of which 9 GBytes for free ?

In case the software manufacturers drop funcions, I will give up the entire intention and will not join the novelties. I am not the slave of the modernisation. Certainly I would rather write the HTML Code for an album myself as loading it up to a public service.

And if it is a grace to be suffered in Facebook, while all long for a worldwar, do the software makers think, I'll join everything ?

Here is my homepage: http://www.erich-foltyn.eu/Portal.html that you can see, that I am no infantile child, but having the world wide best homepage ever. And for mine is nobody interested.

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Re: Webalbum Making

Post by visionhelp » Wed May 03, 2017 3:14 pm


my apologize.

I have an image what Webalbum means, this may be half right, half wrong.
You will recognize it from my idea.

Of course, with a software for this, You want to use this, with expectations.

In Your homepage You show, You can write programs in Visual-Basic and vb-Script Yourself.

From half understanding Webalbum, I remember the DOS command dir /s >(file-name).txt, which makes a text-file with the list of all the files from the directories You want.
To do some files, or folders, as clickable links, in a further step, is possible, too.

If the files and folder are well sorted, You will get a well sorted list.

But, if You like, perhaps You tell me, what a Webalbum is.

I´d have liked a german version of this Your site.

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