Batch cropping issue

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Batch cropping issue

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Hi there, I would like to perform batch cropping of my images. The photos are of various sizes but I only want to cut out (and save) a certain portion of the photo. This portion would always be of a fix dimension eg. 100px by 100px so that they are of the optimal size to fit into my wordpress theme. However, the position of the crop is constantly changing.

In other words, even if the original photos are of different sizes, their final size that is cut out would still be 100px x 100px.

I have tried using the Canvas Resize tool of XnConvert but it does not allow me the flexibility of choosing the position. In other words, the options available to begin cropping (Top, Top Left, Top Right etc) do not allow me to capture portions of the image I want.

Can someone help me out please? Thank you.
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Re: Batch cropping issue

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If the position of the crop is different in each image, the only way to do what you want would seem to be to crop each image individually in a program such as XnView MP...

You may if you explore the interface be able to configure the crop dialog so that the settings that are constant are remembered.
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