How to "re-catalogue"

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How to "re-catalogue"

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Because of what I am doing, I now now have several picture folder. They are mostly identical, but they exist, for example, on Drive: C:\,E:\. Z:\(a network drive) and possibly external drives no longer connected to this computer.

I am getting in trouble with catalogue that sometimes references these various folders and creates duplicates when filtering. Is it possible to tell Xnview to just "re-catalogue" from one particular folder, essentially erasing from the database references to others.

I got into this trouble by creating an archive copy of all my images on an external drive to give to family, along with Xnview installed on that external drive. ( viewtopic.php?f=82&t=42081 )
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Re: How to "re-catalogue"

Post by Franky »

Yes it's possible
You select your disk or folders and you click View / Update Catalog from Files