Last viewed picture bookmark per folder

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Last viewed picture bookmark per folder

Post by Silesian »

I read many old books delivered as JPEG files. The file names are often cryptic and long.
The picture collections are long and it needs many days to research the content, especially with old hand written manuscripts.

To stop and continue the work later, the setting of a FOLDER+FILE bookmark would be very helpful.
At the moment I don't understand the logic behind the bookmark function.
I think only the FOLDER will be stored within bookmark.ini with cmd_addFavorite.
There seems to be no command like cmd_gotoFavorite to open a bookmarked file from a folder.
At the moment the bookmark function makes no sense for me.

My proprosal is to implement or improve the cmd_addFavorite in such a way that for each stored folder one file can be stored. The cmd_addFavorite should work in each view mode. cmd_gotoFavorite should open the last bookmarked file of a folder.

As an option, it might be appealing to reopen the last view, immediately after starting MP.

Can you please imagine to implement or improve this step by step?