Rules and Guidelines

General info, hints, guidelines and rules for all XnView forums. Guests and new users please read here first.

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Rules and Guidelines

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When using the XnView forums, we ask all guests and registered members to follow the rules and guidelines below. Especially if you are not familiar with forums, please take the time and read carefully.

The main target of all the XnView forums is to enable communicating on XnView and related products, that means posting questions, answering them, helping each other and exchanging interesting information.

To enable this, readability, the basis for written communication, is sub target No. 1. When posting and reading posts, the majority of people should understand what is meant and have a good and positive feeling, these are sub targets No. 2 and No. 3. These guidelines and rules have been set up to ensure these targets.

The background of some of the rules below might not be obvious. For example you might think "But my animated avatar is so cute!" Be sure: The guidelines and rules have not been set-up to bother you (there's other means to do that). Have the above targets in mind and we think and hope that you will understand.


- Peek before your post!
Please search the forum a bit before posting your question/problem. Often, a specific question or problem has been asked before and has been answered, already. The answers provided in forum XnView - FAQ might answer your question immediately.

- One problem/question per post.
Please start one topic per problem/question. This will make answering easier.

- Avoid hijacking a thread
Do not hijack a thread that means posting a different question in an existing post. Instead, please start a new topic. This will make reading and answering of posts easier.

- Be a bit patient...
Most forum users and moderators visit the forum daily (and not hourly), so expect and accept that answers may take 1-2 days. If you need urgent support and you are a registered user, please contact the author via e-mail.

- Do not place your e-mail address in posts.
Mail address harvesters might search this site and suddenly you might get even more spam... Instead, please register and people can send you personal mails. When sending personal mails, your e-mail address will not be uncovered.

- Provide first name or nickname
A word on anonymity: You do not have to register to place posts in this forum. But it's nice and good manner to provide your first name or a nickname when posting as guest.


- Choose the right forum for your post
- Use upper/lower case, i.e. DON'T WRITE LIKE THIS.
- Use linefeed only if you really want a new line (text will wrap automatically)
- No insulting language.
- Forum language is English (apart from group 'XnView [Francais]')

Avatar Images:
- No Animation
- max. 80x80 pixels
- max. 5kb in file size

- No images
- Maximum of four lines of text

Breaking Rules and Guidelines

The Moderator team will send out warnings to members which do not follow the above rules. We will not delete user accounts without warning - unless it is obvious that rules have been broken on purpose. At any time we reserve the right to move and remove posts, remove avatar images, and change and remove signatures or parts of these.

Thank you for reading and following these rules and guidelines. Until now, people in this forum were very sensible and disciplined, which is much appreciated. We wish that you always find the right info in this board!

Pierre / Helmut / Sören / Dreamer / Olivier / marsh
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Educational flash film about posting: Posting and you!
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