receiving fax (TIF files)

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receiving fax (TIF files)

Post by 3kgt » Sun Aug 20, 2006 5:49 pm

I am using a special number which converts incomming faxes into email with attachments ( TIF ) ans sends this to my mailbox. If someone faxes 2 pages I can only read the first page. Does anyone know possible sollutions for opening the second page ???

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Post by XnTriq » Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:40 pm

XnView Online-Help[/url] » [url=]Displaying Icons wrote:Here is an example of an Icon with 3 frames, the second frame is currently displayed:

When you open a multi-page TIFF in View mode, there should be three special buttons in the toolbar which allow you to jump back and forth in the document:
  • < Page (Previous page)
  • Page > (Next page)
  • Page (Show page / Open Page Number...)
You'll find all available commands for navigating through multi-page/multi-frame files like animated Cursors (.ANI), animated GIFs, FLIC Animations (.FLC, .FLI, .FLX), Icon Libraries (.ICL), TIFF-FX (TIFF for Fax eXtended) etc. in the View » Page menu:
  • Next (Shift+PageDown)
  • Previous (Shift+PageUp)
  • First (Shift+Home)
  • Last (Shift+End)
  • Open Page Number...
In addition, there's also a Multipage file submenu in the Tools menu:
  • Create
  • Edit Multipage TIFF... (Cntrl+J)
  • Extract All
  • Extract All Into...

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