Print dialog: Multiple images on one page

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Print dialog: Multiple images on one page

Post by helmut »

Inspired by topic "Print Multiple Pictures per page" I am posting here.

The new print dialog allows for printing one single image many times on one page. The page's content is used very efficiently by ordering and rotating the images so that as many image as possible on one page. This is very good.

For doing so, one simply selects the layout "Picture Collection" in the print dialog.

How can I print multiple image in that optimized way? I think the "Picture collection" should have a checkbox which allows the user to choose whether the same image is printed many times on one (or several) page(s) or whether many image are printed on one (or several) page(s).

Currently I find the separation in "Thumbnails" and "Picture collection" a bit confusing - perhaps the reason is that I don't understand the difference properly. If I understand right, thumbnails works pretty much like a contact sheet and "Picture collection" is an effective way to print as many images as possible on one page. If this really is the difference, then I'd suggest to have different namings, e.g. "Contact sheet" and "Page optimized printing".

Perhaps someone (Pierre?) can shed more light into this. Feedback and comment are welcome (as always).

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Print dialog and options for layout

Post by B.Douille »

Hi Helmut,
I fully support the option of a page optimized printing for multiple images and the selection via a checkbox. Now still the question what should be the default layout 8)

Regarding the naming:

I thing that Thumbnails speaks by itself (could be the default values to show smaller pictures 3*8?) and user do not await many option from there . Using "Contact Sheet" here seems to set the current (and true) contact sheet feature redundant where the feature has many more options. It actualy depends on what users do with contact sheets: print only or save them for use as a directory on CDs.

I agree that "Picture Collection" do not provide and outlook of what it does. Neither does "Page optimized printing". Why not to use "Multiple - Optimized" as this induces the opposite of "Single ..." ?

Last comment on the choices for layout: I think there are too many "Single - blabla". some could be combined. i.e fit to page >> Scale with an option checkbox.

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