Compare: Panning/zooming behavior

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Compare: Panning/zooming behavior

Post by JohnFredC »

Not sure how to describe this issue/request.

Frequently the images I compare are essentially identical except for centering... that is, one or more of the Compared images was framed differently. The same objects show in each image, but not in the same places inside the image rectangles.

Right-click+drag to pan works great in Compare to align identical features in each image inside the individual image panes.

Once I have aligned the images using right-click+drag, panning (left-click+drag) or zooming (mouse wheel) the aligned images resets (and matches) the panning positions within the image rectangles, undoing my efforts for careful alignment. This is particularly problematic when I compare, say, two otherwise identical images that have different resolutions.

My request is to retain the individual panning (ie. right-click+drag settings) of the Compared images during pan and zoom.

Thanks for listening!