Sharpening images option

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Sharpening images option

Post by xnvue »

There's a gamma correction option in Options->View which I use. And I think adding something like the Filter->Effects->Enhance Detail/Focus would be very useful since it would apply to all images I would be opening. I'd also like to see this done with hue/saturation .... instead of using nconvert and copying all the time ...
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Re: Sharpening images option

Post by marcoswat »

I don't think adding PS like features to auto apply to every pic in a light fast viewer is totally inapropriate.
a viewer doesn't change the pic being shown.

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Re: Sharpening images option

Post by JohnFredC »

I have noticed in other forums that a common (mis-) perception is that XnView is only a viewer.

Sorry, but I personally don't think of XnView that way. For me, XnView is "Images Central"!