Ability to 'Toggle' the viewing in Multipage files instantly

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Ability to 'Toggle' the viewing in Multipage files instantly

Post by budz45 »


OK, I have been thinking and have changed my idea....

XnView already has a 'Page' display but currently this is only accessible from the menu bar as a menu item (View>Page). What my suggestion proposes is an instant on-the-fly method of toggling in between page display and non-page display of a supported file.

Instead of an 'Icon Snapshot' icon that I proposed in the MP testing forum, how about an icon on the toolbar (along with menu item & hotkey) that could do the same toggle feature that I proposed but it would work for ALL Multipage files (Icons and animated pictures). I think this would be a better suggestion :P

For the icon design of the button just for this topic only I used an icon of a 'book' which represents the 'Multipage' function. I found this picture to use as illustration here or here .

I editted and resized
Image Image

So when I click on this button...
...It would instantly toggle between a page display or an animation/icon snapshot

This is what the button would look like on the interface and also what it would look like with a drop-down menu.

Also thought a 'book' icon like this can be used on other menu's
(click image to enlarge)

I got the button idea from this Xnview 1.97 win toolbar button; http://i56.tinypic.com/wk3a1i.png

The 'book' icon I used is for illustrative purpose on this topic!


So it would have 2 switching modes when pressing the button:
1. Page Display (just the individual pages of a list)
2. Live Display (the animation and or icon snapshot)

Page display - this toggles the display of the supported file (gif's, apng, any icons etc) to display it as pages

Live display - this toggles the display of the same supported files to it's Animated format (gif's,apng etc) or to and Icon Snapshot format for icons (.ico, .icns, .rsrc).

So far I have identified the following supported files;
Icons (.ico , .icns , .rsrc)
Animated GIFs

The question I now ask, is, should this feature of mine communicate (enable/disable) with the following options in the 'Settings' or just ignore them?(Settings>View> view all icons as snapshot)

(Settings>General> disable gif/jif/apng/ani)

This the old topic in which I recently deleted, I have striked-out the text just to show.
budz45 wrote:Hi again,

I have become much a user to the 'Icon snapshot' viewing of icons. It is great how this feature can be enabled/disabled under 'Settings'.

What I would like is the abilty to toggle on/off the Icon Snapshot feature which would reflect this same change in the 'Settings'. I thought a toolbar button would be best and quickest to use.

I made this 24x24 toolbar button for the job:
(I = for 'Icon')
..and this is how it would display next to other toolbar icons in Viewer-mode:
You can see where I got the picture to create the icon. I just re-used the same icon of a camera from the 'Capture' icon choice, but with altered colour.

The button, when pressed, would be able to immediately switch views, of an icon, between Icon Snapshot and non-Snapshot. I know that in old current Xnview win that custom buttons/icons can be added. Maybe that type of toolbar user-customomization would return in future MP or maybe this button maybe likeable enough to make a default under settings>interface>toolbar [view mode].

I understand that the Icon Snapshot feature may not be important enough for many users to want on the toolbarI think this would be a great still.[/s]
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