Suggestions for "search similar files"

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Suggestions for "search similar files"

Post by JohanP » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:45 am

Showing folders, thumbs and preview.
Thumb-pane contains thumbs of selected folder.

What i did:

Searching for similar files by content of the selected folder, i set the similarity-value on 30.
The result-window showed to much thumbs.
To restart a new search, i had to close the result-window and then select tools > search similar files...
Suggestion 1: A button on the result-window to return to the "search similar files"-window.

So i did a new search with the similarity-value on 90.
Now i had one thumb with one copy.
I deleted the copy with the "X"-button and than the result-window was gone!
Suggestion 2: Don't close the result-window automatically (optionally you can show a "no matches anymore"-Info).
So with suggestion 1 implemented, a new search can easily started again.

Then i looked at the thumb-pane of the folder and noticed that the thumb of the deleted image was still there.
Selecting that image showed no preview anymore and after deselecting the folder and selecting the same folder again, the thumb was gone.
Suggestion 3: Update the thumb-pane after deleting within the "similar files result"-window.


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