Non-image file(s) when creating a *.TIFF / *.DCX

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Non-image file(s) when creating a *.TIFF / *.DCX

Post by Clo » Thu Nov 04, 2004 5:50 am

>>> Pierre

:) Hello Pierre !

¤ The problem of the non-image file(s) in the selection to create a TIFF / DCX isn't really solved yet…
1. The most frequent case is when a hidden <descript.ion> file exists in the directory in wich you select the image-files.
- Now, there is a message telling that a hidden file exists in the directory. But the creation is aborted.

2. If the <descript.ion> (or any other non-image file) is not hidden, we have a message telling that its format couldn't be defined (as a pic for <descript.ion>, because it's used by the program to create the comments, hence it can't be “undefined”, this is inconsistent).
- The creation is also aborted.

3. But sometimes, following some mysterious criterion, maybe the current sorting mode or whatever that message is shown while the creation is running already ! So, it's too late, the creation stops always at the image-file before the <descript.ion>, like in old versions of XnView.
• Example :
* A directory contains 232 icons and their <descript.ion> file (not hidden); the creation starts, but stops as soon as the message is displayed.
* Finally, I got 62 icons in the multi-page file, it's simply good to delete! Then :
* Move the <descript.ion> into any other folder.
* Remake the multi-page in order it contains all icons of the source-folder.
* move again the <descript.ion> into its original folder.
•  Suggestions :
  1. When the parsing of the selection detects a hidden / non-image file, show a dialog instead the message having [Skip] and [Restart] buttons.
  2. Don't create the <descript.ion> files as hidden; they work as so well as “archive” (a) files. This should help the user to notice that such a file is present. Many don't display the hidden files, don't wish to do, or can't (limited rights of a user's account).
  3. In the case #3 above, at the current error-message time, the creation might be paused; the dialog should allow to continue, even if other non-image files are found in the selection later.
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