JPEG lossless batch transformations cross folder/subfolders

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JPEG lossless batch transformations cross folder/subfolders

Post by Guest » Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:50 am


I have a lot of pircture all under one single folder which contains a lot of subfolders which contain images too.

I would estimate that their are much more than 100 subfolders and they said folder.

I do not want to enter each subfolder (and maybe subfolders in that subfolder again) and select all images before I can apply jpeg lossless transformation.

I want to access the main folder and tell the program to convert all images below this folder.

Is that somehow possible or is there another convertor able to do that?


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Post by Dreamer » Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:48 pm

It is possible, but it's just a workaround. JPEG lossless transformations and other lossless transformations (metadata - EXIF/IPTC...) should be in the batch convert > transformations, since they ARE batch transformations - more here (I'll add a new post there soon, you can support it too).

So here is the workaround I found:

- Enter the main folder
- Press Ctrl+F
- Enable "[x] Include subfolders"
- If you have also other formats then JPG in the subfolders, enable also "[x] Format > JPG"
- Press the Search button
- Wait...
- Press the Browse button
- Select all files (Ctrl+A)
- Now apply the JPEG lossless transformations you want

This should work also for Metadata.

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