PDF file causes XnView to Crash

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PDF file causes XnView to Crash

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All other PDF files load correctly except this one (it runs fine in Acrobat):

http://www.tooled-up.com/Artwork/ProdPD ... Data07.pdf

When selecting this file within XnView's Thumbnail display (so it shows in the preview pane) the following error is returned:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Assertion failed!
Program: C:\program files\......\xnview.exe
File: jasper\src\libjasper\jpc\jpc_dec.c
Line: 1082

Expression: dec->numcomps == 3

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

If I press 'Abort' or 'Retry' XnView crashes in the usual windows way. If I choose 'Ignore' the error is shown a second time, 'Ignore' again and the preview window displays correctly and XnView continues to run.

I'm running XnView 1.91 en, and previously 1.90, the same occurs on both versions.

I'm also running these under WinXP SP2.

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Same here

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:) Hello !

• I can confirm that testing your sample.
- I get exactly the same Windows message (except the path, of course).

- I can view the file alright in Foxit PDF Reader.

- XP-Pro SP1 (Fr)

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I can confirm. That's weird, a runtime assert should never happen on released modules. *shrug* Works with other pdfs with embedded jpeg 2000, maybe that one has a subtle corruption.

Bizarrely, if you hit ignore twice, it'll show the first page and then sometimes crash when you try to navigate away. =D

Actually it looks like that's an old version of ghostscript's jasper being used, the newer one has >= 3. I guess it isn't calling external gs since I have the latest as it still shows the same assert.