Please integrate .8BF plugins into batch processing.

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Please integrate .8BF plugins into batch processing.

Post by DemonDuck »

There is a wonderful little piece of software called PTLens:

"PTLens is Windows software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective. PTLens is available as a standalone application and Photoshop plug-in."

It works quite well and does integrate to some degree into XnView as an .8BN plugin. That is, it is startable from Filter -> Adobe Photoshop Plugins.

But all I can do from there is start it and run it like a stand alone application. Which is helpful because then I can correct the chromatic aberration and distortion in TIFF files which I cannot do in the standalone PTLens as it only supports JPEG in standalone configuration.

What would be really helpful is if this filter was shown in the list of transformations in Tools -> Batch Processing (Transformations).

This would add to XnView the capability for Chromatic Aberration correction ; Fisheye correction; Pincushion/Barrel correction so adding better support for this plugin would enhance XnView tremendously.

The reason it needs to be supported for batch processing is for processing panoramic image sequences that are generally shot with the same lens and exposure settings and need to be adjusted in a similar way at the same time.

Currently, one must do each image in a sequence by hand. This is very difficult, time consuming and just plain irritating if the sequence consists of 18 or 24 images. It is not uncommon to have even larger sequences. To have to adjust each image by hand separately is simply dumb.

Please consider this enhancement request.

Post by Guest »

Yes, I would love for this enhancement to be added too. Having to run PTLens on each image manually is quite a pain.