.ABR format support

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.ABR format support

Post by temp-64GTX »

Hello. Whether support of a *.abr (Adobe Photoshop Brush) is planned?
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Re: .ABR format support

Post by XnTriq »

Starting with version 1.97 XnView is able to read ABR files and (batch-)convert them. :D
IMO this is big news. Sooner or later every Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) user is looking for a more convenient way to view this kind of presets. All other programs I know are either slow, not free, Mac-only or require Microsoft's .NET framework.
:idea: If XnView treated ABRs like ZIP & RAR archives, every brush (= pages/frames) inside an ABR file (= archive/multi-page file) could have its own thumbnail in the browser, and all brushes belonging to a particular ABR could be arranged in groups.
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Re: .ABR format support

Post by charlesroper »

I would just like to add my support for an ABR browser. XnTriq's ideas sound ideal.
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Re: .ABR format support

Post by Crysler »

Highly seconded.

The current read support is a nice beginning but clicking through the frames doesn't give the needed overview. So a real browsing support would be a great step forwards.

btw.: There seems to be a bug in the brushes display: compared to what e.g. abrviewer displays, XnView shows the brushes inverted.
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Re: .ABR format support

Post by frednexus »


How can I toggle the Photoshop brushes view ?

(black background white brushes or white background black brushes)

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