Conditional labeling

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Conditional labeling

Post by JohnFredC »

XnView's ability to define thumbnail labels is excellent. However, not all labels apply to all file types (nor to folders, either!). This results in wasted screen real estate where the labels are blank for certain file types (such as folders).

It would be great if the user could define different label layouts for different file types.

For my purposes, the "types" could be: Image, Video, Audio, Text, Folder, Other.

New "Insert" fields might be required for some of the types. For instance, for the "conditional" folder labels, the user might like to display the folder size, number of subfolders, and number of files contained in the subtree.

An issue for folder labeling would be the time required to populate the fields. Marshalling the label process to a separate thread with some intelligent scheduling might be a solution.

In such a case, an "interim" or "default" label ("Calculating...", for instance) could be displayed until the field values had been acquired.