Please support the InDesign file format

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Please support the InDesign file format

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Please support the Adobe InDesign file format.


1. Adobe InDesign is now de facto standard in Electronic Desktop Publishing. In 2010 had apporox. 75% from the DTP market, its closest rival (Quark) having a continue decline (once it had 95% from market). Nowadays InDesign is almost everywhere except some die-hard old users which know Quark and it is difficult for them to get out from there (legacy, workflow etc.).

See for example ... orner.html

2. It is super easy to get the thumbnail from the file: Basically is the XMP tag named xmpGImg which contains a base64 encoded JPEG (usually 256 x 256) which represents the thumbnail for the document.

See the code here:

Also you can search with a text editor (eg. Notepad++) in the .indd files for xmpGImg to see how it looks internally.

Samples available upon request.
m. Th.

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Re: Please support the InDesign file format

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See Issue 301 for current status and details.
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