View a tiff image in a ASP page

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View a tiff image in a ASP page

Post by abellos »

Hi guys,
i need to display a tiff image in a ASP page after reduce it. But i need to see the image in a single page not use 2 page asp.
I use the code:

Code: Select all

Dim Path, File

Path = Server.MapPath(".")
File = Path & "\image.tif" 

Set ctrl = server.createobject("GflAx.GflAx")

With ctrl
	'.enablelzw= True
	.LoadBitmap file
	.SaveformatName = "jpeg"

	response.contenttype = "image/jpeg"
	response.binarywrite .SendBinary
end with

set ctrl=nothing
the problem is that i see and Whole page of chars and not my expected image.
I understood that is the .sendBinary but instead of this function what can i use?
Thanks in advance