Slideshow/Quick Slideshow Enhancement Requests

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Slideshow/Quick Slideshow Enhancement Requests

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Coming out of my post in viewtopic.php?f=110&t=37181, a more more general enhancement request in this area.

Background: what I primarily want XnViewMP for is to look at images (normally fullscreen) - either individual files, or folders (possibly with sub folders) full of them that I can just go through manually or on a timer: and my judgement (continued use!) on it as a product starts with this. If I can't easily/readily do this, then 'Do not pass Go, do not collect £200' as the Monopoly game goes, if I can then I'll explore all the other things it can do...

For looking at an individual file - fine, I can do that ok.

If I have a folder of images... then there is 'Quick Slideshow' - once I've selected an image and gone into view mode - and (now, and being sorted out) 'Slideshow' - once I've gone through the hassle of setting one up.

Different things, with different functionality and options, and neither providing my optimal function.

So... first - sort out the differences:

In functionality: My hope and expectation would be that Space Bar for Pause; and left/right arrow and PageUp/PageDown keys for prev/next to all work on both slideshow and Quick Slideshow; and also I would hope that, as in other apps, up/down arrow keys would also work for prev/next. At the moment Slideshow and Quick Slideshow offer a different subset of these (Slideshow has no Page Up/Dn functionality, Quick Slideshow no pause)

Options: they should have - as far as possible - all the same options available, and in the case of timer, in the same units (seconds or milliseconds - more important they're the same than which is used). Slideshow has most of what I want. the most obvious addition would be exit or stick (with message) at end (loop is already there)

And then - for my optimal functionality - an 'Instant Slideshow' (to be distinct from the current Quick Slideshow) function, available from (Windows) Explorer (Right click, 'XnViewMP Instant Slide Show') or XnViewMP Browser against a folder - in the 'folder view' or main panel, by right click menu, or tool bar icon for current folder. A choice of options (full screen? include sub-folders? just images or also ...? ...) - that can be saved as a default for the future - and away...