Full screen glitches

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Full screen glitches

Post by lucmv »

I have XnView 0.92 on Linux, just upgraded from 0.87. I've never been happy with the viewer.

First, it's never really full screen. There is always a tool bar visible. Not the one with icons, I mean the File Edit View... one. I wish I could get rid of that one too. Everything must go.

Pressing F11 makes the image enlarge just a tiny bit and hide the task bar. But I can tell it could enlarge a little more, and even the way it is, it doesn't stick. I soon open another photo and there is the task bar again. I just can't get an actual full screen every time.

And the one thing that confuses me to no end: there seem to be two different viewers. One of them lets me edit the image. The other, more or less. When I use the Browser and open a file, I can edit it. When XnView is run by another program (e.g. Geeqie), it goes straight to another kind of viewer that YES! it gives me an actual full screen. Which looks perfect. But then I can't edit the image. The controls pop up, but the image disappears until I close the tool dialog.

For example, one thing I use a lot is Rotate. When I open the image from the Browser, I get that half-assed full screen mode and editing works fine. The Rotate tool pops up, I see the image and I see the grid and everything is responsive and sweet. When I open the image from an external program, I get the other viewer that has sweet perfect full screen, but as soon as a tool dialogue such as Rotate pops up, the image disappears!

I hope these can be improved or perhaps clarified in the future.

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Re: Full screen glitches

Post by xnview »

If you press F11 from browser, you can only view images, if you press F11 in edit mode, you can edit the picture
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