Compare issue (no thumbnails)

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Compare issue (no thumbnails)

Post by PP0815 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:48 pm

I want to use the compare function on a few images and with the filmstrip on the bottom.

So in the browser I chose a folder, select a few images and press SHIFT+C.
Ok, everything works fine and on the bottom I got the filmstrip with the thumbnails of that folder.

But if I don't use a folder in the browser but a selection of images with the same category the filmstrip with the thumbnails won't open.

1. In browser I choose a category from the Categories Filter. Ok now the browser show me all the images within that category (they are also in different folders but that doesn't matter)
2. Select n images and hit SHIFT+C. The compare window open and the selected images are there but the filmstrip is not there. I would expect the filmstrip with the images of that category (all the images that are shown in the browser)

First I thought that it might be not possible because the images are from different folders but then I did a test by choosing a category that only got images from 1 folder and there is still no filmstrip.

Win7, xnviewMP 0.96

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Re: Compare issue (no thumbnails)

Post by xnview » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:08 pm

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce, and crash if using tabs in compare

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