1.82 German translation

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1.82 German translation

Post by helmut »

For XnView 1.82 Beta 1 there is no German language file (xnviewde.dll) available, yet.

But version 1.80 is not so much different from version 1.82. So if you think there's something wrong in the German translation of XnView 1.80 or 1.82, please post here.

Things that will be "fixed" in 1.82:

- "Ganzer Bildschirm" > "Vollbild"

- Missing translations in "Bild > Effekte > Effekte > Schatten"

- Tip of the day: Buggy sentence "Die Online-Hilfe beschreibt viele Vorgehensweisen..."

- Truncated labels, see topic 'Truncated labels'.