Batch join images in whole folders by 2's

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Batch join images in whole folders by 2's

Post by megetious69 »

So far this is the better joining program out there...but ,,

I just wanna see it do the whole folder in automated process to output combos of one two joins and leaveing out the odd number ..

I already sort by resolutional size with "picosmos shows " but its too many files to be doing each join selection then view then save then renames then resort

I want to select all in a folder have it auto output sets of 2... plus auto default to skip odd numbers

Best way though to optimize quantity numbers to minimize the quantity of pix especially in smaller sized photos
from 1b res to average about 900 res folders in quantities of multiple thousands can be cut down by simple auto joining process if you didn't have to go one by one, select group ,select join, view,save, then rename ,......

Just open the folder, select all select, join but get sets of 2 photos in output folder -- especially when what it is doesn't matter

This step could be combined to the higher multiples of already joined images but definitely faster than selecting each set and all its other steps
17 millions are too many files by the normal method so it definitely needs faster join process in actual batching of whole folders to output sets of 2 picture joins...
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Re: batch joining whole folders by 2s

Post by michel038 »

The task would be to start with
And get this ?
And what about filenames ?
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