Can't view some files through Open With

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Can't view some files through Open With

Post by v-limc »

There seem to be a bug with the Open With feature of XnView, so far I just found it happend to ico/svg/jxr/webp files.

When I try to open a ico/svg/jxr/webp file through the "XnViewer Classic for Windows" in "Open With", the XnViewr started up but the image is not opened. Yet if I drag the image file and drop it on the XnView.lnk or xnview.exe, it worked perfectly, showing the image in a viewer. This doesn't happend to png/jpg/gif.
Version: 2.51.2
OS: Windows 11 22H2

Is there some settings I need to change to fix this? Or is it a bug, any chance you can fix this? Thank you!
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Re: Can't view some files through Open With

Post by V@no »

This has been known issue for at least 8 years now...
The issue is also applied to XnView Classic.

There are many topics like this and in most of them @xnview asks if drag&drop works (with the answer is "yes") and then the solution is "check your registry" like it's the user who messing up the registry somehow...

I can associate and open these files with any other applications including notepad, but somehow when it comes to xnview, it's my registry issue...